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Gospel Meeting 2013

Listen to gospel lessons by clicking one of the links below (English/Spanish):

Brother Thomas Jackson (English)

1) The Nobleman's Agent (Click to listen)

2) Shall I Go Up? (Click to listen)

3) Appreciating The Unjust Steward (Click to listen)

4) Now Is The Time (Click to listen)

5) Why Did He Weep? (Click to listen)

6) Hear My Voice (Click to listen)

7) Overcoming Internal Opposition (Click to listen)


Brother Esequiel Banda (Spanish)

1) De Ser Parte del Sueño del Reino (Click to listen)

2) De Abrir y Reparar Las Puertas del Corazón (Click to listen)

3) De Ser la luz del Mundo (Click to listen)

4) De Convertirse en una Familia (Click to listen)

5) De Evaluar a la Persona en el Espejo (Click to listen)

6) De Encontrar Gracia en Media de Justicia (Click to listen)

7) De Salir de la Cueva (Click to listen)

Gospel Meeting 2012:

Listen to gospel lessons by clicking one of the links below (English/Spanish):

Dr Stafford North: What Does the Bible Say about the End Times?

1) What is the Pre-Millennial Plan? What is the Kingdom of God? (Click to listen)

2) Does Jesus Give Signs of the End of the World in Matthew 24? (Click to listen)

3) What about the Rapture and the Anti-Christ? (Click to listen)

4) Evangelism Seminar Part 1 (Click to listen)

5) Evangelism Seminar Part 2 (Click to listen)

6) Will There be a Battle of Armageddon? (Click to listen)

7) Will Jesus Reign for a Thousand Years on Earth? (Click to listen)

Brother Edgar Lucero En Espanol: Que dice la Biblia Acerca De los ultimos tiempos?

1) La Venida de Cristo Parte 1 (Click to listen)

2) La Venida de Cristo Parte 2 (Click to listen)

3) El 2012 (Click to listen)

4) El Rapto (Click to listen)

5) Estudio Biblico (Click to listen)

6) La Vida Eterna (Click to listen)

7) La Salvacion (Click to listen)















Dr. North







Edgar Lucero

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