Alvin Drive
Church of Christ

Our history

         While our roots date back to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in A.D. 33, the first congregation in Salinas formed in the spring of 1935 by Lester Lee Freeman from Aromas, CA.   Brother Freeman would preach on Sunday morning in Aromas and then travel to Salinas for a Sunday evening worship.  There were about 15 members then that met in Y.M.C.A. building on Willow Street. After several months, they rented a building at 309 Lincoln St.  Jack Bates was hired as the first minister for this congregation.

         In 1945 property was purchased at 221 California St.  After much hard work and expense, the building was completed and opening day services were held June 12, 1949.  Attendance had risen to about 100 members. The building seated 311 and during this time, extra chairs were needed at the Sunday morning services. It was at this time that the Prunedale congregation was formed with the help of the Salinas congregation. It was agreed to begin another congregation in Salinas as well and property at 67 Eucalyptus was purchased.

         Construction of the Alvin Drive property began in the fall of 1975 with the completion of the fellowship hall and classrooms in July 1976.  The second phase of construction which included the audirtorium, began in September 1979 and was completed in 1980.

         There has been much emphasis on spreading the gospel by such works as the prison ministry, the Spanish ministry, gospel meetings, radio and television programs, training programs, and helping support preachers in other parts of the world.

         As we at Alvin Drive continually strive to do Godís will, let us continue to demonstrate our love for God and for each other so that we may continue to grow in strength as well as in number in the coming years.



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